Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Follow up: We have a winner!

It's been decided. We're moving into the old Victorian-style house, which is in Lynnwood. We're very excited!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moving, again

Well, we've been living in the house we currently rent for over 3 years. Since we seem to get the urge to move every 2 years, we're overdue. (In fact, we tried last year, but it didn't work out.)

Last week, our search for new housing kicked in to high gear. Friday, we looked at one in a neighborhood we love, but it was waaaaay too small. On Saturday, we drove all over hell and gone and looked at 4 houses. All bust. The first was too expensive (the agent had 2 listings in the same neighborhood, and showed us the wrong one), the second was right next to the freeway (seriously, I could see the traffic on 520 through the trees), the third was too small and laid out horribly, and the fourth didn't accept pets (which he didn't put in the ad).

After Saturday, we were frustrated and dispirited.

Monday, we looked at one house that I immediately fell in love with. It's impractical, as it's on Camano Island, but it is beautiful, has an amazing view of the water (with a great deck and a fire pit), and has a separate mother-in-law not connected to the house. It also would be near Jen's brother and his family, who live on the island. The downsides are the commute, being far from our friends, and there's barely any place to park. The yard is also a little small, and the house itself is a little small, too.

But damn...that view. And it would be so peaceful. And my in-laws wouldn't be in my house, per se.

Wednesday, two more houses, both fantastic.

The first one is not terribly exciting to look's a rambler in a suburban neighborhood (Kenmore). However, it has a mother-in-law that would be better for my in-laws than the one on Camano. Unfortunately, it shares a wall with the main house, but that isn't too bad. The main house is a three bedroom, with a nice kitchen - including a five-burner gas stove set into a brick recess, making it look like an old-world baking oven. Jen loved it. It also has a sunroom that would be perfect for placing a soft tub spa in. Big, fenced backyard, which is a big plus for our dogs. Not-bad commute for both Jen and myself. And the landlord is a Microsoftie. The drawbacks are: no true master bathroom, no garage, and it's the most expensive, rent-wise, that we are looking at.

It's the most practical, to be sure, and would suit our needs best.

Then we looked at this beautiful Victorian-style house that was built in 1929, and then added on to. It is big, and just looks amazing, and appeals to the history buff in me - seriously, right up my alley. (Can you say steampunk d├ęcor? I knew you could.) Part of the house has the original hardwood floors from 1929, and there are pictures of the house from the '30s hanging on the wall. It has a big yard, and would be terrific for parties and entertaining. It's walking distance to Jen's work, with a gym, shopping, and restaurants very near. I'd probably wind up going to the nearby park-and-ride and bus to work, which isn't great, but isn't bad, and would save us on gas prices. The drawbacks are: yard not fully fenced, parents would be in the house still, a neighborhood we don't particularly care for with schools that are less than stellar.

The kitchen has a built-in, fold-into-the-cabinet ironing board. The agent showing it (all of 25 years old) expressed perplexity at the ironing board being in the kitchen, much to Jen's amusement. Jen did not explain it. (If you don't get it either: in 1929, you wouldn't have a plug-in iron. You would heat your iron on the stove.)

I think we're going to throw applications at all 3, and see which one(s) is (are) willing to rent to us. Hopefully we'll know soon.