Monday, January 22, 2007

News of the Stupid

Just wanted to bring to your attention some news stories involving dumb people.

First up, a Louisiana woman convinced neighbors she worked for the CIA, and that for a fee she could get the CIA to scan them with satelites and then give them cures for various diseases and problems while they slept. She made nearly a million dollars from this scam. Some of these people were gullible enough to pillage their pensions and life savings to pay for this "CIA satelite scan".

Second, the ACLU apparently found time to defend a high school nerd who wanted to pose for his yearbook photo in chain mail and holding a sword. The student won. What's stupid about this, other than the obvious? "the school has allowed students to pose for more than a decade with props that show their interests...past editions of the yearbook have had pictures of other items banned by school rules, including a corn-cob pipe, liquor bottles, a beer stein, toy guns, arrows and a knife."
Does liqour count as an "interest" now for high schoolers?

And now, the Two Minutes Hate:
You know what I hate? Many people at my work feel so self-important that they just block out the rest of the world and don't pay attention to anyone but themselves. People frequently stop dead in the hallways or even doorways, blocking all traffic, to hold a conversation about such-and-such bullshit business babble or check their e-mail on the laptop they are carrying around open. And they don't even notice. I can't count the number of times I've spilled coffee on myself because some self-absorbed idiot wasn't watching where he's going.
I hate that.

Mattbear out.

Friday, January 19, 2007

If you're crazy and you know it, clap your hands

In the most recent Party Volcano mailing, the following event was listed:

"2007 in Auburn: YOU ARE INVITED: To meet-up during this enchanted evening with Fey-folk (including all half-Faeries, reincarnated Faeries, Faeries “in spirit," & mere-humans who are Faerie enthusiasts). Come meet other locals interested in the same! All Faerie collectors, believers (& followers) are welcome!
o This light-hearted, casually dressed/intellectually organized gathering is not just for those with Amy Brown and Myrea Pettit Faerie art cluttering their homes.

o We'll share an abundance of Faerie facts, Faerie folklore, Faerie names, Faerie games and all things Faerie.
o If you suffer “gentle madness” for your Faerie beliefs: JOIN US!
o Explore new ways to honor the Fey, e.g., make Faerie altars in your home & garden!
o Share a Faerie potion (seasonal drink) & swap Faerie poetry/stories!
o We will host Faerie art contests!
o Examine spooky as well as innocent Faerie personalities
o Come for socializing, laughing, sitting on a “toad-stool.” "

So, basically, this is an event for people who not only believe in faeries, but some believe they might actually be faeries (or reincarnated faeries). Ah, the insane. They are my bread and butter.

I want to say that I am surprised that this exists, but I already know about otakukin, so it's pretty hard for me to doubt anymore than anything is too stupid/crazy for people to believe.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

You ever heard of the Seattle Seven? That was me...and 6 other guys.

I've been neglecting the ol' blog for awhile, I know, but I had to break my silence to say:

It's official! Lebowskifest Seattle has been announced for Friday, March 9, and Saturday, March 10, 2007. Tickets go on sale Friday, January 26. I am so there!!!!!!